MARCH 2019

Vigo, strategic enclave for TOUS

Vigo, strategic enclave for TOUS

Rosa Tous, corporate vice president of the company, has visited the city of Vigo to present to the clients of the area the jewellery of Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS, our most select collection. The event took place in the TOUS store of Gran Vía, which next year will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. The board has revealed the secrets of these unique pieces, which are usually only available in selected stores.

Since TOUS arrived in Vigo in the year 2000, the city has become a key point for the company. With its 4 TOUS stores, the area has very close customers who value quality and jewellery tradition. Therefore, Rosa Tous wanted to reaffirm the bond between TOUS and the city of Vigo: "Vigo is a strategic enclave for TOUS for which we have been betting almost 20 years. With this event we wanted to share the most special pieces of the brand with our customers in the area to celebrate their trust and affection. "

The ties of TOUS with Vigo have been reaffirmed even more during the last year with the collaboration of the Escuela Técnica de Joyería Atlántico and the TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School. Rosa Tous has taken advantage of the visit to Vigo to meet with the director of the Atlantic School, Carlos Pereira, where they have valued the participation of the Vigo center in the TOUS School.

The aim of the TOUS School project is to promote the preservation of a thousand-year-old trade and to promote handicrafts and the restoration of jewellery as a way of attracting young students from schools around the world. Also, four students from the Vigo academy were chosen to participate in the TOUS School together with other young people from the rest of the world. The initiative aims, in the coming years, to connect with the different communities of the 53 countries in which TOUS has a presence.