MAY 2019

TOUS among the 100 best luxury companies in the world

TOUS among the 100 best luxury companies in the world

The annual ranking 'Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2019', prepared by Deloitte, places in the 76th position the TOUS brand among the 100 companies with the highest turnover in the luxury sector worldwide, with revenues of 425 million euros.

According to data from the sixth edition of the Deloitte report, these 100 companies have jointly registered a turnover of 246,664 million dollars, thus achieving growth rates of over 10%. The sector has resisted difficult situations and even in times of economic normalcy it has tended to go towards growth.

Spain becomes the ninth country that more companies contribute to the world ranking. Italy is the country that leads the ranking with 24 companies, followed by the United States, which has 14, and the United Kingdom, which has 10.

In addition, Spain is the fourth country where sales of luxury goods have grown the most, with 9.8%. The state that leads this aspect is China, where they have grown 13.3% compared to last year.

Our international commitment began in 1996 and today the firm is already present in 53 countries, with more than 620 stores. Positioning in foreign markets is part of our growth strategy. One of the most important elements of internationalization has been the correct choice of the point of sale and know how to differentiate the markets. That is, offer the appropriate ranges according to the country in which it will be marketed.

The mentality of globality allows us to integrate the knowledge of the diversity that surrounds us and transmit it in the form of jewels with passion, creativity, commitment ... And tenderness.