MAY 2019

TOUS presents the Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS collection in Bilbao

TOUS presents the Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS collection in Bilbao

This Thursday, May 16th, an event has been organized in the Basque city of Bilbao to present the Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS collection to the clients of the area. The Atelier collection represents the inspiration and feelings of Rosa Oriol turned into the most special jewels.

The event took place in the TOUS store of Don Diego Lopez Street. In the presentation, the company's most select collection has been unveiled and highlights one of the brand's strengths: the local approach and proximity.

Rosa Tous, corporate vice president of the brand, reaffirms the bond between TOUS and the Biscayan capital: "Bilbao is a very important city for TOUS, where we have been installed for almost 20 years. With this event we wanted to share the most special pieces of the brand with our customers in the area to celebrate their trust and love, "says the corporate vice-president.

Since TOUS arrived in Bilbao in the year 2000, we have focused our efforts on contributing to the city in terms of wealth generation. We currently have 44 people working in the 11 stores that are located in the Basque Country, 5 of which can be found in Bilbao.

TOUS is committed to building a human team with a large female presence, which is why the total workforce is made up of women who are in charge of offering the closest clients the right jewelry for each occasion. A clientele that is characterized by seeking tradition and quality jewelry, and looking for jewelry that incorporate the icon of the brand.