MARCH 2018

The TOUS Bear represents 57% of the
company's total jewelry sales

The TOUS Bear represents 57% of the<br/>company's total jewelry sales

2,134,069 is the exact number of TOUS Bear units that were sold in 2017. This total represents nothing more and nothing less than 57% of the company's total jewelry sales. The preference for the TOUS Bear is not just an isolated event last year, but year after year it has been a favorite by TOUS customers.

And not only that, there are more and more TOUS bears that are sold around the world. In fact, only since 2014, the number of units sold of the iconic symbol of the brand has been increased by 60.84%. In absolute figures, this means that 807,240 additional units have been sold in the last 3 years.

In the words of Rosa Tous, vice president of the company: "The TOUS Bear is more than an emblem. It represents tenderness, one of our fundamental values ​​that we want to carry around the world."rn In addition, its creation, dating from 1985, coincides with the expansion of TOUS: "For us the birth of this icon also symbolizes our commitment to the internalization of the company, one of the pillars that has marked our activity in recent years" adds the vice president.

"Of simple lines, that have turned it into a universal symbol that does not need translation, without it we would not be what we are, I consider it part of the family and that is why we take care of it for what it is, our celebrity", confesses Rosa Oriol in the book Rosa Oriol & TOUS.

An icon with more than 30 years of history

In 1985, Rosa Oriol embarks on a journey that will mark the history of TOUS. It is in Milan where, standing in front of a teddy bear placed in a escape, his inspiration was unleashed. Wrapped in childhood memories and a sense of tenderness, at that time he conceived the idea that would later become the emblematic icon of the brand: a teddy bear of gold.

Since then, the TOUS Bear has evolved through numerous versions, but always retaining the essence of childhood memories: courage, love, affection, and tenderness. Thanks to the good reception of the public, the symbol has been incorporated in all kinds of TOUS accessories that reach people from around the world.

The TOUS Bear, considered an iconic piece of contemporary design

The iconic jewelry Bear TOUS is part of the collection of Barceona’s Design Museum since June 2017. The brand has given one of the first prototypes of its symbol to the Product Design collection.

An 18kt gold Bear pendant, 19mm high and 14mm wide, 0.80 tenths thick, hand-cut on a smooth plate handmade by hand to the shop in the Borne de Manresa street where TOUS was born in 1920.

The piece is incorporated into the museum for its value as an icon of contemporary design and for being one of the pieces of jewelry applied to other more visible supports, with a greater international commercial projection.