Introducing TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School

Introducing TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School

Since our firm commitment to the communities and countries in which we operate, we have presented the TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School, a pioneering project of training excellence with which we want to promote crafts as a means of vocational training for young students from the best schools of the world directly or through local workshops. The initiative, which responds to our desire to defend the jewelry as a cultural asset, will allow us to disseminate and share with society our knowledge and excellence in jewelry technique.

However, the school will improve the link of several groups of students of jewelry and crafts from around the world with the labor market by promoting professional practices in a highly competitive environment that extends the subsequent recruitment options. For this, the project will form, from excellence to the next generations of jewelers, restoring a historic trade and enhancing the savoir-faire that characterizes so special as jewelry discipline.

The selected students will receive specific notions about jewelry and manufacturing knowledge of the brand through a high quality program that combines the theoretical and practical. Thus, the training commitment will complement an excellent way the academic curriculum of young people and enable them to acquire a solid professional experience to expand and improve their specialization before final incorporation into the labor market.

For the development of the program, long-term collaboration agreements have been established with all the training centers, which certifies the will of durability of the TOUS Jewelery and Artisan School.

The selection of students stands out for their care and excellence. Each of the collaborating schools has presented to TOUS, member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the candidature of two of its best students in terms of academic excellence and performance to be able to teach them directly or through local workshops. After that, a designated selection committee deliberated on these nominations and selected the project participants. Once these profiles have been chosen, and always in accordance with the educational frameworks of the regions from which they come, the training periods in our associated facilities or workshops will begin. At the end of the stay, tutors and students carry out an evaluation to ensure the proper functioning of the program.