MARCH 2018

TOUS travels to Mexico to celebrate its 17th anniversary in the country with Rosa Tous and Paula Echevarría

TOUS travels to Mexico to celebrate its 17th anniversary in the country with Rosa Tous and Paula Echevarría

The presence of TOUS in Mexico celebrates its 17th anniversary this year, a time during which the solid commitment of the brand to its international expansion in the country has been consolidated. Actually the brand already has stores in Mexico City, Monterrey, Tuxtla, Puebla Park, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cancun. In addition, last year, the company experienced a 16% growth in sales in Mexico. To celebrate, a cocktail was held at its flagship store on the emblematic Avenida Presidente Masaryk.

Precisely until Polanco, Mexico City, Rosa Tous, corporate vice president of the company, and Paula Echevarría, TOUS ambassador and Spanish actress, travelled to. Both landed in the country on March 20 to spend two days full of activities and events.

Paula and Rosa, together with Claudia Álvarez, Mexican brand ambassador, participated in a meet and greet with representatives of the most important fashion and style magazines in the country. On the 21st, the main event of the visit took place, an exclusive cocktail at the TOUS store in Mexico City. There they met friends of the brand, celebrities, socialites and bloggers that were wearing Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS pieces. There were also some of the most recognized local media in the country to document the event and broadcast it to the local public, as well as international media.

During the trip, Rosa Tous also attended different economic and financial means in the country, such as El Financiero, El Universal and Forbes México. In his interview with the latter, the vice president of the company explained that the success and growth he has experienced in the company in recent years is largely due to the multidisciplinary team: "The commitment to the Mexican market began in 2001 and we have always felt very loved and desired by the Mexican public and part of our success is based on the talent of our local team, made up of Mexican professionals and trusted partners who help us define a global project from local knowledge".

At the same time, she stressed: "We have been agile in knowing how to move and to adapt ourselves, always surrounded (the four sisters in charge of the business) of professionals that make it possible for us to be where we are. We are already more than 4 thousand employees around the world, which is shocking, and more and more people are buying jewelry through the internet".