Tender Stories Nº9, the new story of TOUS for this Christmas

Tender Stories Nº9, the new story of TOUS for this Christmas

Sometimes the perpetual value of a jewel can grow emotionally after an inheritance. This is what Tender Stories Nº9 wants to convey to us, the new and funny story of TOUS with SCPF for this Christmas, with which TOUS presents the new collection of jewelry and accessories Fall Winter 2018, and vindicates the value of fine jewelry with a cool, humorous and tender look.

The protagonist of this ninth installment of Tender Stories is again the Oscar-winning actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, who on this occasion stars as twin sisters with a great complicity, Annie and Grace, who must pass three tests to achieve the most precious asset of their Aunt Edna: her TOUS necklace.

And who will decide the winner? It will be the users who will choose which of the two sisters deserves to win. We seek, through this campaign, to focus on digital media and invite the user to participate and be part of this endearing story.

The responsible for the audiovisual piece was again Víctor Carrey, who perfectly captures the essence of TOUS in each of his pieces, from a marked cinematographic character that is reflected in the visual look and care of all the details of art, as well as the depth and personality of all the characters. The campaign, which will be multi-channel and global, can be seen in 17 countries and has been adapted to 17 languages. Xavi Gordo has been the photographer in charge of the graphic campaign that will appear in print, outdoor and in the 600 stores that the brand has worldwide.