Rosa Tous presents for the first time in Poland the collection Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS

Rosa Tous presents for the first time in Poland the collection Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS

TOUS wants to become the most successful affordable luxury jewelery brand not only domestically, but also internationally. To this end, TOUS landed in September in the Polish capital, Warsaw, with a very special guest, TOUS Corporate Vice President, Rosa Tous. There he presented the most exclusive jewelry collection of the brand: Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS.

The event took place in the majestic Sobański Palace where clients from the country were able to attend the presentation of the Atelier TOUS jewelry collection. "We are delighted to present this collection of unique pieces for the first time in Poland" thanked Rosa Tous.

Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS is a collection of jewelery based on unique pieces with exclusive materials carefully selected first quality artisans. "My mother materialized her passion for the jewelery sector in this unique collection while remaining faithful to the values of TOUS based on the most traditional tradition", explained Rosa Tous during the presentation. The Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS collection was born in 2015, and it is no coincidence, since that year the marriage formed by Rosa Oriol and Salvador Tous celebrated its golden wedding.

With more than 50 years of marriage and professional career, Rosa Oriol wrote an autobiographical book narrated from her most personal vision about the most important historical milestones of TOUS accumulated during all these years. "The TOUS legacy continues today thanks to values such as perseverance, innovation, honesty and sacrifice that my mother recognizes as her own", explained Rosa Tous during the event.

TOUS landed in Poland for the first time in 2009 with the opening of its store in Bonarka. The good reception of its customers has made possible that, today, the brand has a very loyal consumer profile, 1 e-commerce and 40 retail stores distributed throughout the country. Without a doubt, love, creativity and enthusiasm for jewelery work are the secrets of TOUS's success as one of the most desired affordable luxury jewelers in the world.