The TOUS store on Paseo de Gracia 99 in Barcelona hosts Atelier TOUS jewels by Rosa Oriol

The TOUS store on Paseo de Gracia 99 in Barcelona hosts Atelier TOUS jewels by Rosa Oriol

The flagship store of Paseo de Gracia 99 reserves a space to showcase its most special proposal of unique jewels made entirely by hand with quality noble materials and carefully selected gems.

The ground floor of the store has become the most select location to exhibit its Atelier space, which presents a unique design for its display cases inspired by the jewel essence of the house as they reproduce the sizes of the gems. In addition, special attention has been paid to lighting to specifically illuminate the jewel and at the same time create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Atelier TOUS by Rosa Oriol is made up of unique pieces in the world. Unique, fun and innovative jewels made with handcrafted gemstones that extol the signature jewelry tradition. Inspired by the vital background of Rosa Oriol, the collection aligns perfectly with the creative concept of TOUS.

The creative process of Atelier TOUS combines artisanal techniques with the spirit and mission of continuing to work from artisan excellence. Therefore, the Atelier collection by Rosa Oriol is characterized by integrating amazing, sophisticated, unique and character-rich jewels. “Jewels are my life, gems my passion. Gems that by their uniqueness define their destiny. I had fun with them, I searched for endless combinations of colours and shapes to create unique jewels, jewels that convey feelings,” says Rosa Oriol.

In the Atelier TOUS space of Rosa Oriol of Paseo de Gracia 99, you can find carefully selected pieces, made with top quality noble materials and designed for every type of occasion and woman.

For the company, these spaces mean, in the words of Rosa Tous, Corporate Vice President of TOUS, “part of our commitment to the jeweler legacy of our home and thanks to the work of Rosa Oriol for her innovative vision that led her to democratize the jewelry and work day by day with devotion to design jewelry that will excite and empower women around the world.”