APRIL 2019

TOUS keeps its growth on track with new record sales

TOUS keeps its growth on track with new record sales

The company increased its turnover by 4.5% with sales to end consumers of 466 million euros and surpassed the barrier of 700 stores worldwide for the first time

The omnichannel approach has turned sales on the digital channel into the company’s third market, just behind Spain and Mexico

TOUS, Spain’s top brand of affordable luxury jewelry and accessories, keeps its growth on track with new record sales. The company increased its turnover by 4.5% on last year’s with sales to end consumers of 466 million euros and surpassed the barrier of 700 stores worldwide for the first time, all of which has consolidated it as a global brand with operations in 56 countries. 

The international market gained ground for the firm: the 460 outlets the brand has outside of Spain now accounts for two out of every three stores, 65.5% of the total. “On the verge of celebrating our centenary in 2020, we are proud to have built up a global brand that has a team of more than 4,000 people. Once again this year we have demonstrated the success of our business model with the opening of 90 new stores and the constant increase in sales”, highlighted Alba Tous, Chairwoman of the company.

In 2018, operations started up in Canada, South Korea, Honduras and Kuwait, all countries with high prospects of growth.

The digital channel, the company’s third market

Thanks to the brand’s firm commitment to digital transformation, its omnichannel approach and the flexibility of its service, it has experienced significant growth on the online channel. E-commerce sales rose by 43% in comparison with the previous year and over the course of 2018 was introduced in 5 countries, thus making a total of 19 markets with digital sales. 

Thus, the digital channel has become the company’s third market in terms of turnover, just behind Spain and Mexico and accounted for 8% of global revenues.
The focus on its omnichannel approach was backed by the drive towards digital talent. To this regard, Carolina de la Calzada joined TOUS last November as Director of Digital Business to lead the company forward in the pursuit of this strategy from an integral perspective.

TOUS’ CEO, Carlos Soler-Duffo, who took over this post last March, pointed out that: “Digitization is one of our top priorities as a company and is increasingly gaining greater ground for our business. Boosting new sales channels means making our service more flexible and adapting to the requirements of increasingly more digital consumers who need a different way of accessing our products”. 
In business year 2018, the company also underwent growth in all of its product categories: jewelry, watches, bags, perfumes, glasses and other accessories. The company has thus built up a full portfolio of products that reach all the countries in which it operates, with jewelry always coming out top as its core business as it accounts for 73% of its total sales. Thus, TOUS has shown that it remains true to its origins and historical values in the year prior to the celebration of its centenary.

Commitment to sustainability and the jewelry trade

TOUS maintains a firm commitment to sustainability and the durability of jewels. As proof of this, the company launched the TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School in 2017, its first socio-educational project in the field of jewelry. For eight months, the company opened its doors to students from national and international schools who learned about aspects specific to the trade by restoring pieces of jewelry at TOUS. The initiative came about because the company wished to play a role in keeping an age-old trade alive and to promote craft through vocational training given to young students from jewelry schools around the world.