TOUS closes 2017 with 622 stores and opens more than 100 worldwide

TOUS closes 2017 with 622 stores and opens more than 100 worldwide

Internationalization and digitalization. These are the two main pillars that have marked the activity of TOUS in 2017, causing its retail sales turnover to rise by 10.6% in 2017, reaching 446 million euros.

On the one hand, the opening of more than 100 stores around the world adds a new record to the company's commitment to the international market. In the words of Alba Tous, President of the company: “Thanks to the investment efforts carried out, from TOUS we have managed to reach a total of 622 stores in 53 countries and to strengthen the teams in our subsidiaries in key markets such as China, the United States, Russia and Mexico. Overall, the company has hit a new record with the opening of more than 100 stores, 17 in Spain and 83 in international markets”.

These figures give TOUS a foothold in 53 countries with 389 stores in the international market and 233 in Spain. Figures worthy of mention include the 21 stores in China, an 18% growth in the United States, the 7 new stores opened in the Czech Republic in just a year, a 33% growth recorded in Russia following the subsidiary’s creation in 2015, the 74 stores now operating in Mexico and the notable growth in the Middle East with a 24% increase in sales in Saudi Arabia. It is likewise worth highlighting the significant growth of over 35% in Portugal and Poland.

TOUS stores in international markets account for 62.5% of all its outlets. In addition, the company’s expansion is reflected in the growth of 19.2% in international sales, compared to a 4.6% increase in sales in the domestic market.

About digitalization, the proportion of TOUS’ general sales registered through the online channel is around 6%, a remarkable figure given the importance of the brand’s operations in physical stores for the markets. The channel grew by 36% in 2017, following two years of record expansion after being initially set up, and now operating in 14 markets.

By his part, the CEO of TOUS, José María Folache, remarked: “The company has made a firm commitment to the digitalization and flexibility of the service. The general upward trend in online shopping, in addition to the affordable jewelry brand’s positioning and the trust placed in it have made it possible to consolidate the internationalization and multi-channel tendency of this company founded in 1920”.

Another noteworthy milestone in 2017 was luxury tourism, which for several years has consumed more in the destination than in the place of origin, reason why the company has made a significant effort on the Travel Retail strategy by opening international spaces that increase the brand’s visibility in a strategic locations, amongst which Saudi Arabia, Belgium, China, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Taiwan and the United States, stand out. TOUS made 70% of its sales in jewelry, the brand’s core business since its foundation. Thus, the company has been loyal to its values and positioning as jewelers, as well as being innovative and ambitious in its growth strategy backed by a Board of Directors that is international, professional and highly specialized in the fields of consumer products and online marketing.

With more than 3,500 professionals, from the corporate headquarters in Manresa, where the company was first set up in 1920, the company promotes a corporate culture based on the legacy, creativity and global outreach of its third generation. With the mission of being desired around the world for offering fine jewels and accessories that celebrate each moment of life as well as for being an exciting brand, TOUS has the vision to be the most desirable and successful affordable jewelry brand in the world.