MARCH 2019

TOUS appoints Carlos Soler-Duffo as its new CEO

TOUS appoints Carlos Soler-Duffo as its new CEO

TOUS, the leading Spanish jewelry and accessories brand for the affordable luxury segment, has appointed the company's Commercial Managing Director Carlos Soler-Duffo as its new CEO who had been part of the company since 2012. 

In these 7 years in the company, Soler-Duffo has demonstrated a high capacity to achieve the fulfilment of the business objectives, as well as to align them with the TOUS Strategic Plan. As part of the succession plans established by the organization, its appointment means recognition of internal talent.

In the words of Alba Tous, Chairwoman of TOUS, "with this appointment TOUS demonstrates its strong commitment to internal talent and team strength. We hope that the appointment will imbue us with energy to continue developing our strategic objectives”. 

The brand from Manresa, which will celebrate one century in 2020, has expanded its global presence over the last year to reach 700 stores in more than 50 countries and has launched the TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School, its first socio-educational project in the field of jewelry.