All the jewels by TOUS are certified by the Spanish legislation and are made of sterling gold and silver

All the jewels by TOUS are certified by the Spanish legislation and are made of sterling gold and silver

 In regards to the hearing that took place today at the Audiencia Nacional, Alba Tous, President of TOUS, said that "we are satisfied with how the hearing went". And she adds, "TOUS is a century-old company that has always complied with the law. We are confident because we have faith in the justice system with which we are working closely to clarify the situation".

TOUS will defend the technology, creativity and innovation that it incorporates into its processes through all means at its disposal. Electroforming is a technology, endorsed by all the technical bodies of the Public Administration and expressly permitted by law, which TOUS began to use in a pioneering way in jewellery over 25 years ago - the first in-store catalogue explaining electroforming dates from 1996. It is a technique that is particularly suitable for large volume pieces, while being lightweight and seamless. Depending on the size, shape and precious metal used, and as foreseen by the legislation on precious metals, the jewel may incorporate non-metallic cores that help confer stability to the piece, always maintaining the sterling category, all certified and guaranteed by third parties.

In addition, according to the words of Alba Tous, "we have the support of official institutions and organizations of the jewellery industry and, particularly of the Spanish Association of Jewellers, Silversmiths and Watchmakers, which has declared itself on the irrationality of the approach of the denouncing party. We will always be grateful for the trust and loyalty of our customers and for all the support received".

All of TOUS' gold and silver jewellery is made of sterling gold and sterling silver. The company complies with all the global and Spanish standards for certification of precious metals. Each of the TOUS jewellery is certified by official authorised laboratories from which it receives the origin contrast and the guarantee contrast, as required by law. The brand incorporates in all its pieces the corresponding certificate of guarantee and authenticity in which the technique used and the law of precious metals are specified.