TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School collaborates with the Jewelery School of Córdoba through the Martín & Ruiz workshop

TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School collaborates with the Jewelery School of Córdoba through the Martín & Ruiz workshop

Rosa Tous, corporate vice president of TOUS, and Esther Ruiz, delegate of the Government, have presented in Córdoba the academic agreement that carries out the first edition of the TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School with the Junta de Andalucía and the Martín & Ruiz workshop, homologated by TOUS. The agreement also had the presence of the delegate of Knowledge and Employment, Manuel Carmona, and the head of the company Martín & Ruiz, Rafael Ruiz.

The first part of the day consisted of visiting the mosque of Cordoba and the jewelers’ park of the city followed by the presentation of the project. "We dreamed about it, and it is already a reality: TOUS Jewelry and Artisans School has been born with the aim of promoting handicrafts as a way of professional training for young students from the best craft and jewelry schools around the world", Rosa Tous explained at the event. The presentation of the School of Jewelry is part of the recent creation that took place on September 6th.

This project aims to improve the students' bond with the labor market by promoting practices in a renowned professional environment and extends the subsequent hiring options.

The event was carried out by the Córdoba School of Jewelry, the Martín & Ruiz workshop and the Junta de Andalucía with those who promoted the first edition of this initiative in Córdoba. "We could not undertake this collaborative project without having a group with as much relevance to the sector as the jeweler from Cordoba, a standard of great craftsmanship in Spain," the vice president praised.

For TOUS, Córdoba is one of its key provinces due to its historical trajectory in crafts and jewelry. The ties between TOUS and Córdoba began in 2006, the year in which the brand began to be present in the city. Throughout these more than ten years, TOUS has been able to count on a very close Cordoban customer who values the quality and the jewelery tradition.

TOUS currently has a total of three stores in Córdoba: one of its own located in Conde Gondomar Street, another in Corte Inglés in Córdoba, and a third in Corte Inglés Round of Cordoba. All of them are added to the 35 points of sale that TOUS has in the Andalusian region. The Conde de Gondomar street store hosted the presentation of the jewelry of the Rosa Oriol Atelier TOUS, a unique line of fine jewelry that, usually, is only available in selected stores. "With this event we wanted to share the most special pieces of the brand with our customers in the area," said Rosa Tous.