APRIL 2019

Emma Roberts, TOUS’ new global image

Emma Roberts, TOUS’ new global image

The young actress Emma Roberts has become the global image of TOUS. Roberts is confirmed as the figure of the company's new campaign, Stay Tender, because of her ability to transmit emotions and her affinity with the main values of TOUS.

After the series Tender Stories, in TOUS we continue to bet on tenderness as a universal value, telling inspiring stories that connect with your consumer. Now, with Stay Tender the brand breaks again with the stereotypes of tenderness and shows us many different ways to live it in a fresh and dynamic tone betting on openly showing our feelings and our most tender side, no matter how and why.

Emma Roberts has achieved great popularity by starring in such films as Adult World, We're the Millners and Nerve; as well as in the American Horror Story and Scream Queens series. Fiction aside, Emma Roberts invites us to immerse ourselves in a story of the most tender characterized by small moments full of emotion, fun and love.

The Stay Tender campaign, and with it the spot, was launched on April 1 in media and digital platforms, in more than 50 countries. A version of the classic Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley accompanies the spot becoming the soundtrack.

The creative concept of the campaign has been the work of the agency LOLA Mullenlowe and the spot and graphics have been made by Diana Kunst, who with only 27 years and her particular style manages to create unique atmospheres.

With this new campaign, TOUS continues to claim the tenderness from an absolutely spontaneous, fun point of view, with an intelligent and cool tone. "TOUS has always been a brand closely linked to the creativity of emerging talent, something that we want to claim with this spot and with the presentation as a new global image of a figure of international projection like Emma Roberts. At TOUS we believe that the world would be a better place if we all expressed our feelings without fear of being judged. For this reason, with this campaign we want to encourage people to find the best way to show tenderness through jewelry, "says Rosa Tous, Vice President of the firm.