Josep M. Bosch: “The coherence of a brand over the years is always rewarded”

Josep M. Bosch: “The coherence of a brand over the years is always rewarded”

Josep M. Bosch, CEO of TOUS, participates in the Barcelona Fashion Summit 2018

Within the framework of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, there was held the sixth edition of the Barcelona Fashion Summit, a forum in which experts, executives and creators of the fashion world participated.

Among the several debate tables of the day, there took place the talk: 'The world in 2030: the new geography'. The group of speakers included Josep M. Bosch, current General Director and member of the TOUS Board of Directors, who has joined the debate about what the future of fashion holds.

Bosch stressed that the concept of brand is still relevant, so “a brand should not abandon what makes it recognizable, such as its history, its product ... Because consistency over the years is always rewarded.“ In the case of TOUS, a company created in 1920, the emblematic bear has become a symbol of tenderness, young spirit and fun that has accompanied the brand for more than 25 years.

Regarding the relationship of young people with fashion, Bosch has pointed out that the new generations will transform it, since their way of consuming changes and they do not perceive fashion with the usual channels, but through social networks, friends or influencers “The concept that for me will define retail in the coming years is the omnichannel way of business. And it is that behind were the days when the physical store was the only place to buy a product: the consumer of today decides how to buy and even how to receive the product, “Bosch emphasized.

Regarding the process of internationalization of companies in the sector, Bosch has stated that it is crucial to maintain flexibility and continue to offer a high quality service with customers. TOUS is currently in 53 countries with 622 stores.

Likewise, the value chain has been transformed by the importance that both raw materials and sustainability have taken on. According to Bosch: “Today the customer, to decide between one brand or another, takes into account whether sustainability is part of the values ​​of the companies. In TOUS we carry it in our DNA “.

During this round table, Bosch has also highlighted two essential elements for the future to be seen by TOUS: the importance of generating wealth through the creation of employment and commitment with the entire team.