TOUS participates in the TFWE of Cannes as a bet for travel retail

TOUS participates in the TFWE of Cannes as a bet for travel retail

Millions of people travel through the different airports around the world every day. In recent years, in addition to being land terminals where travel starts and ends, airports have become an important space for brands belonging to the retail sector. More and more companies are betting to have points of sale at airports in order to attract tourists.

This is the origin of the Travel Retail concept, a business model that exceeds the accumulated 46,000 million euros. Aware of the importance of this new trend, TOUS participates for the fourth time at the Tax Free World Association Exhibition (TFWE) held in Cannes this week. There TOUS is presented as an exhibitor for the main brands of the world related to luxury tourism.

To provide that distinctive value that characterizes TOUS, during the fair the new sets for airports and sales on board are presented under the name "Travel Exclusive". This selection of products can be found at the most important points of sale in the world located in international spaces such as Saudi Arabia, China, the United States or Russia with its recent opening at the Sheremetyevo airport. In terms of sales on board or inflights, TOUS has recently launched one with Hainan Airlines in China and Gulf air (Middle East), which joins the existing ones located in Colombia, Avianca or Spain, among others.

Likewise, TOUS is present in the duty free stores, that is to say, those free of taxes that are usually found in the most international airports where items of recognized brands are sold at a lower price. Specifically, TOUS maintains an expansion strategy in Europe that is already predominant in Asia.

Since its inception TOUS has based its activity on a corporate culture defined by creativity, commitment, teamwork and globality. In line with its internationalization strategy, travel retail has become a key distribution channel with which it already has more than 100 spaces in 26 countries around the world.