JULY 2021

TOUS Takes a Further Step in its Commitment to Transformation by Onboarding Alu Rodriguez as CTO and CIO

TOUS Takes a Further Step in its Commitment to Transformation by Onboarding Alu Rodriguez as CTO and CIO

The new hire is part of the jewelry firm’s new strategic plan, TOUS Next, to power digitization and transformation, help deliver on its goals and expand the business.

 Alu has a proven track record in IT, as well as in rolling out data and digital transformation strategies for well-known firms.

In March 2021 she was listed as one of the 40 Women Leaders in Artificial Intelligence by tech giant IBM.

TOUS, the leading Spanish jewelry and accessories firm in the affordable luxury segment, has appointed Alu Rodriguez as the new Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the framework of TOUS Next, the new crosscutting transformation project proposed to establish a more streamlined, digital, and efficient work model. Alu will join the COMEX and will report directly to the CEO, as a result of which TOUS will put technology at the heart of its strategy for transforming the company.

The executive has been listed as one of the 40 Leading Women in AI by technology giant IBM and has extensive experience across leading technology and business transformation teams in well-known companies like Arthur Andersen and NH Hotel Group, where she has spent a large part of her career. Alu says she is excited to step up to this new professional challenge. “My prime concern will be to define and implement an optimal business management model across TOUS that will take the company to a higher level by delivering maximum efficiency and agility in processes and the greatest innovation standards. The time has come to punch higher, continue growing, and aspire to more ambitious goals”.

To achieve this, she will work alongside all of the heads of the business departments and, in particular, with the head of Digital Business, Carolina de la Calzada. In this initial phase, she will focus on driving the company’s transformation and particularly the data area that will power TOUS’ strategic decision-making and meet set goals in a key year for the company, the first in the next century of TOUS’ history.

TOUS Next: Maximum Efficiency and Agility

Alu’s onboarding is part of the drive around TOUS Next, a crosscutting transformation project that will define the groundwork for corporate competitiveness and growth going forward. With this initiative, the company aims to reach out to consumers and society through a more streamlined, digital and efficient way of working, and to uphold its leadership in the affordable luxury segment.

The project is based on three areas: customer focus and digitization, driving responsibility and sustainability, and reviewing processes to deliver maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Commitment to Advanced Omnichannel Retailing

The pandemic led the company to pivot to new consumer needs and priorities and put advanced omnichannel retailing in place. In other words, it activated assisted remote selling by phone and messaging apps, with the possibility of buying over these channels and getting a home delivery, or arranging a time to visit the stores that were open.

The company has adjusted its operational systems to apply this advanced omnichannel retailing in the customer’s benefit, thus providing better advice and service, as well as offering all possible options for secure and satisfactory purchasing.

“The past year has been very challenging,” said TOUS’ CEO, Carlos Soler-Duffo. “We shored up our commitment to digitization and omnichannel retailing in 2020. Now, with Alu onboard, we can move faster in our digital transformation strategy, particularly at the internal management and data level. We hope that taking her on will help us further enhance our products and services to make our customers’ journey even more meaningful.”

Alu Rodríguez has a degree in computer studies from the University of Deusto and an MBA in marketing from The Power MBA school.