TOUS advances in its commitment to sustainability and launches its second collection of traceable pieces of jewelry with Tracemark

TOUS advances in its commitment to sustainability and launches its second collection of traceable pieces of jewelry with Tracemark

As in the first collection, customers can check the provenance of the materials, the craftsmanship behind each piece of jewelry and certifications using an alphanumeric or QR code enclosed with each piece.

The traceable pieces in the second collection, called Hav, are made of gold and diamonds and will be available in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru and Russia.

TOUS, the leading Spanish fine jewelry and accessories brand for the affordable luxury segment, is moving its sustainability strategy forward and has announced the launch of its second collection with Tracemark, the pioneering company to guarantee the complete traceability of pieces of jewelry, which works with businesses certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). The second collection, Hav in gold and diamonds, is a delicate version of Hav made up of seven timeless gems in wrap-around shapes and subtle curves that combine yellow and white gold with a diamond pavé setting.

This second collection will be available from today in the five markets – Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru and Russia – with the same features as the first collection: customers will have an alphanumeric code engraved on the pieces and a QR code on the label. They can be used to access Tracemark’s customized, interactive traceability panel to find out the provenance of the materials, the craftsmanship behind every jewel and the certifications that prove that they comply with ethical and sustainability standards, as well as giving details about the materials. All of this provides the certainty that this information has been verified by an independent auditor of international repute, International Associates.

Thus, they will be able to make sure that the gold and diamonds in the collection have an ethical, responsible provenance. Insofar as the gold is concerned, it comes from chain of custody (CoC) refineries. The distinction, awarded by the RJC, shows that it comes from verified sources, in line with the best international environmental practices and social standards recognized the world over.

Specifically, CoC gold certified by Tracemark is recycled. This is a major breakthrough in terms of sustainability as the use of recycled gold not from mines reduces the carbon footprint up to by around 99%, according to a recent study by the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences.

Tracemark’s traceability panel also makes it possible to find out the origin of the diamonds and their manufacture. All of the diamonds that TOUS works with comply with the Kimberley Process, thus guaranteeing their authenticity, provenance and that they were ethically mined.

Just as in the first collection, the unique feature of the Hav collection in gold and diamonds is an independent audit, which ensures compliance with the Process and the traceability of the diamonds, so that customers can be informed of their origin and check that they have been responsibly supplied. The strict requirements for obtaining the Kimberley Certificate guarantees that the diamonds are conflict-free and prevent those mined in areas of conflict from being traded on legitimate markets.

Furthermore, customers will be able to check that the manufacture of the collection is the result of a partnership between TOUS and craftspeople from Facet, a family business that makes jewelry, a member of the RJC, accredited with the CoC certification and a Pilot Partner Member of Tracemark. The traceable pieces in this collection are made from start to finish in Facet’s workshop in India and, subsequently, they are sent to Facet’s workshop in Cordoba where they undergo an exhaustive quality control. This commitment to working with other companies is the result of the firm’s engagement with partnerships in the sector.

Thus, TOUS has underscored its commitment to sustainability, an increasingly relevant factor for its customers. According to the Sustainable Luxury Consumer Report 2021 released by Tracemark, 71% of consumers would choose a piece of jewelry on the basis of its traceability.

Rosa Tous, the company’s corporate vice-chairwoman, said: “We have started this new centenary of history full of ambition and focused on making an ethical and responsible contribution to the jewelry and craft sector. At the company, we understand sustainability as a firm commitment and a matter of transparency, as a result of which we want our customers to be certain of the provenance of the materials in our jewelry and that they are of an ethical and responsible origin.

This second collection of traceable jewelry reinforces our engagement with innovation and age-old techniques, alongside sustainable practices, which is essential for the future of the sector.

In fact, our commitment to crosscutting sustainability was recognized in 2019 by the RJC, the world’s leading organization in establishing business ethics and responsible supply chain standards across the jewelry industry, which made us certified members following an audit.

We will continue our second centenary full of new challenges by fully committing to sustainability and keeping the jewelry trade and craft alive”.

Berta Serret, founder and CEO of Tracemark, explained that: “Tracemark came into being in order to prioritize sustainability and human rights so that changes would come about in the industry that would make it truly transparent, sustainable and responsible. This conviction has brought us together with TOUS to bring about real, long-lasting change in the sector, in which traceability is essential.

Following the success achieved in the first collection of traceable jewelry with TOUS, this second collection is once again committed to delivering its customers the traceability of the products they acquire in an innovative and unique fashion. They are invited to find out the provenance of the materials their jewelry is made of using Tracemark’s traceability panel, which they can access with a QR code. It is a great satisfaction for us to work again with a brand that is as committed and prestigious as TOUS.

For us, talking about sustainability means talking about traceability, partnership and commitment, Tracemark’s three pillars. This partnership with TOUS reflects the fact that we share these values.

We hope to be able to continue working with the firm by launching new collections of traceable jewelry in the market and steering the jewelry sector towards sustainability and a commitment to the environment”.

About TOUS As a centenary brand, dedicated to the fine jewelry business since 1920, TOUS operates across more than 45 countries, with over 700 stores. TOUS promotes its corporate culture with its more than 4,000 professionals, based on legacy, commitment and creativity, being recognized as a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the standard-setting organization on ethical business practices and a responsible supply chain in the jewelry and watch industry worldwide, having successfully passed an audit process that recognizes our cross-cutting commitment to sustainability. The mission of TOUS, whose sales amounted to €318 Mn in 2020, is to be an exciting and well-loved brand there for its customers at important times in their lives with its fine jewelry and accessories; and its vision is to become the most desirable and successful affordable luxury fine jewelry brand in the world, committed to adding value to customers, partners and society as a whole.