OSO, the documentary that traces TOUS’ 100 years of history, released on Amazon Prime Video

OSO, the documentary that traces TOUS’ 100 years of history, released on Amazon Prime Video

Presented at the 68th edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival, the documentary is available on Amazon Prime Video in more than 90 countries in its original version and subtitled in 11 languages

Directed by AmandanSans Pantling and produced by Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio) and UM Studios, OSO features the members of the Tous family, the brand’s ambassadors, its most outstanding collaborators, and experts in fashion, design, journalism and art

OSO is distributed bynThe Mediapro Studio Distribution

OSO, the documentary made to mark the centenary of the jewelry firm TOUS, which was presented a few weeks ago at the 68th edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, has just been released on Amazon PrimenVideo, where it will be available in more than 90 countries.

The documentary is broadcast in its original version, in which Spanish, Catalan, Japanese and English are spoken, and is subtitled in 11 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Polish, French, Czech, Italian, Greek, Ukrainian, Arabic and Hebrew.

The Mediapro Studio Distribution has been entrusted with the documentary’s distribution.

Directed by Amanda Sans Pantling (Fragile or Songs of Redemption) and produced by Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio) and UM Studios, OSO traces the path TOUS has followed since 1920, from a small family business to an international enterprise with over 4,000 employees around the world, operating in more than 50 countries through more than 700 stores.

OSO turns to the testimonies of the family and previously unreleased images from the archives. In fact, this is the first time that the Tous family has opened its doors with statements from the four executive directors who now run the business (Rosa, Alba, Laura and Marta Tous), and from their parents Salvador Tous and Rosa Oriol. The latter is a leading figure in the documentary as the person who broke the mold to create a new language in the fine jewelry sector. With her democratizing vision, women played a more prominent role in designs that were better suited to a more modern and empowering lifestyle.

On this journey of 100 years of history, the Tous family is joined by some of the company’s most outstanding collaborators, brand ambassadors and around 20 personalities from the world of fashion, design, journalism and art who give a frank testimony that is not in the least self-satisfied and who dissect the keys behind its success. For example, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Paula Echevarría, Verónica Echegui, Eva Longoria, Toni Segarra, Javier Mariscal, Oscar Guayabero, Fernando Gutiérrez, Mariángel Alcázar, Susana Martínez Vidal, Núria Petit and Pilar Vélez, Director of the Barcelona Design Museum, where TOUS’ bear is on display due to its value as a symbol of contemporary design and its international outreach.

Filmed in Spain, Mexico, India and Japan, OSO also shows the visionary nature of the brand in terms of the milestones that have marked its success, such as the three generational renewal, the change in direction in the 1980s that saw its great retail launch, the explosion of the firm in the 1990s with the contributions of top influencers with international audiences.

In light of the complex global context, the firm postponed the celebrations planned for the anniversary throughout 2020. Now, in the last quarter of the year, it will pick up where it left off with some of the most emblematic activities, such as the release of the documentary, to share the joy of 100nyears of history with its community and customers, despite the many challenges this year has entailed at all levels.