MARCH 2020

TOUS kicks off centenary with new sales record

TOUS kicks off centenary with new sales record

Firm posts 2019 sales of €487Mn and increases turnover by 4.6%

This figure reflects the sound results of TOUS throughout its history and the firm’s wide reach  

TOUS, the Spanish jewelry and accessories brand and leader in the affordable luxury segment, has kicked off the year of its centenary with a new sales record.  The company posted €487Mn in turnover in 2019, up 4.6%.  These results speak to the ongoing upward trend the firm has maintained throughout its history and its markedly international nature. The international market is the company's core driver of growth.  

At December 2019 the company had a total of 748 stores across 56 countries, i.e., a near-on 50 outlet rise in the retail park over the previous year. Some 67% of TOUS stores are located outside Spain, a growth area where Mexico, Portugal, and Russia hold prominent positions.

“One of the keys to this growth is adaptation to the needs, tastes, and priorities of the customers in each of the markets where we operate. Day after day we continue to strive to apply the highest standards of design, creativity, and innovation in our jewels and accessories,” said company president Alba Tous.

Jewelry and digitalization, hallmarks of the firm

The jewelry category that is TOUS’s core business upheld its prominent position in the brand's extensive product portfolio. Proof of this is that it accounted for almost 70% of total sales.  In this way, the brand is maintaining its connection with its roots and historical values in the year of its Centenary.

E-commerce again showed important growth for the brand, maintaining its position as the third largest market after Spain and Mexico.  This trend connects with the company’s commitment to adapt to customer requirements by boosting digital transformation, omnichannelling, and flexible service provisioning.

Jewelry and e-commerce are two of the strategic pillars in the TOUS business plan, which has once again demonstrated its capacity for continued growth and the consolidation of a project that delivers year-on-year improvements across all the markets where it operates.  All within the retail sector that is going through a profound revolution and where growth is a clear sign of strength and reach.  

TOUS CEO Carlos Soler-Duffo said, “Being able to celebrate this event with such a satisfactory sales figure bolsters our belief in the project. This growth has been accompanied throughout our trajectory with results that year after year have given us the necessary strength to face any kind of extraordinary event outside the recurring activity of TOUS with total firmness”.

One hundred years of jewelry  

The origins of TOUS date back to 1920, when Salvador Tous Blavi, grandfather of the present management generation, took, as a watchmaker's apprentice, what would be the TOUS family’s first steps in the jewelry business. The brand has since continued to grow and expand around the world, leveraging the commitment to its values, teams, and customers to become a firm leader in the affordable luxury segment.

Throughout the year, the company will organize a series of special events in Spain and internationally to celebrate its one hundredth anniversary together with stakeholders, customers, and friends.