Success story: the story between TOUS and Portugal

Success story: the story between TOUS and Portugal

Since TOUS began its expansion strategy around the world to be recognized as the most desired luxury luxury brand, it has managed to have a presence in many countries. It has landed in Asia, Mexico, and has expanded throughout Europe, in countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic, without forgetting the neighboring country: Portugal. The Portuguese market is undoubtedly one of the most important for TOUS. In fact, it ranks fifth in terms of global business volume. In addition, during the year 2018, TOUS has increased its sales to the final consumer by 22.5%.

The company landed in Portugal for the first time in October 2001 with the opening of the store in Lisbon Colombo. Since then, many Portuguese clients have shown their support for TOUS. So much so, that currently has 33 stores spread across 20 different Portuguese cities such as Porto, Braga, Guimarães, Albufeira, Vila Real, Rio Tinto, among others. "We have always felt very loved and desired by the Portuguese public" thanks Rosa Tous, Corporate Vice President of the company.

Throughout 2018, TOUS has opened 5 new stores in the Portuguese country: 3 of them in Porto (Aero Francisco Sa Carneiro and Parque Nascente Shopping Center), El Corte Ingles Gaia, and 1 in Lisbon (Aero Humberto Delgado) . C.C.Estacão Viana. With all these openings, TOUS already has a team of 145 Portuguese employees who make up the most important asset of the company thanks to their team work, commitment and passion for the client.

TOUS is committed to becoming involved in the local market through social projects that give it the opportunity to transcend beyond growth in sales and employability. As proof of the commitment to the culture and tradition of the sector, in 2012, TOUS opened a store in the former Ourivesaria Aliança, a century-old store that dates back to 1914 and is considered a National Heritage and of great importance to the people of Lisbon. The restoration was carried out by specialists with the help of TOUS, an investment highly valued by all the Portuguese citizens. "Part of the success is also based on the dedication and passion for the brand of our local team, led by Lubelia Marques and formed by Portuguese professionals that help us define a global project based on local knowledge, "says Rosa Tous.