TOUS and Facebook analyze how to promote proximity to the customer through technology at 4YFN

TOUS and Facebook analyze how to promote proximity to the customer through technology at 4YFN

Within the framework of the Mobile World Congress, 4YFN (Four Years From Now) is celebrated, a business platform for the most important startups in the world. With more than 21,000 attendees, this edition of 4YFN has wanted to analyze and discuss the impact that technology can have on society. Being the meeting point between entrepreneurs, emerging companies and investors, workshops, talks, workshops and much more have been organized at the event.

In order to reflect how the retail sector integrates new technologies, Rosa Tous, corporate vice president of TOUS, has been invited along with Nicola Mendelsohn, Vice President of Facebook EMEA, to talk about the so-called 4th industrial revolution and digital transformation.

Declared passionate about social networks and digitalization and in order to represent TOUS, Rosa Tous has answered the questions that Mendelsohn has asked her about how we have adapted to new technologies to create solid and lasting connections with customers. "If technology had not existed, the connection with the consumer would have been more difficult, but we would have looked for another strategy to achieve globality," Rosa Tous assured. Thanks to new technologies such as social networks, the company has always been able to show their passion, connection and closeness to the customer.

At TOUS we firmly believe that the combination of technology and craftsmanship allows us to adapt to new market trends and offer the best products. That is, technology influences the creative process. For this reason, Rosa Tous took the opportunity to ask Nicola Mendelsohn, a great digitalization expert for her experience in Facebook, about the progress of technology in recent years and how it has affected retail companies.

Once the debate was over, Nicola Mendelsohn expressed her gratitude to the brand through her Twitter channel: "I love listening to business stories that use digital knowledge and creativity to grow internationally and at the same time inspire others. to do the same. "

We have the vision of becoming the most desirable and successful luxury brand in the world and our responsibility is to fulfill the wishes of our clients. Therefore, Facebook is postulated as one of our most important communication tools. With more than 2.2 million fans on Facebook, every year we invest more efforts on this platform. Of course, without losing sight of new trends such as future communication by WhatsApp.