TOUS sets up SUOT STUDIO, the Group’s new experimental jewelry project

TOUS sets up SUOT STUDIO, the Group’s new experimental jewelry project

This experimental jewelry project has been designed to link craft tradition to creativity in order to encounter new talent in the different disciplines in the world of jewelry.

SUOT STUDIO will work towards innovating the jewelry sector with collections of pieces designed and made in Spain using a high proportion of recycled materials.

The TOUS Group has set up SUOT STUDIO, an experimental jewelry project. The aim of this initiative, led by Marta Tous, is to promote creative freedom and explore new paths in the world of jewelry.

The project is intended to bring craft tradition and experience together with creativity to establish new synergies by implementing all of the jewelry innovation processes that are developed in the TOUS Group. Thus, SUOT STUDIO will put forward contemporary jewelry designs of the highest standards of quality through experimental jewelry in order to attract a potentially creative and innovative audience.

Made up of a team of four people led by Marta Tous, SUOT STUDIO will serve as a diving board to establish connections with other creators from different disciplines in the world of jewelry from an unconventional, multidisciplinary perspective in order to create new concepts in jewelry. These connections will give rise to a space for self-expression and conversations with emerging talent and cultures with which innovative synergies can be established.

Experimental jewelry

The pieces of jewelry by SUOT STUDIO are designed to inspire a community that is modern, curious and highly sensitive. Designed and made in Spain, the firm’s jewelry uses metals such as sterling silver, sterling silver plated in 18-karat gold (vermeil), 14-karat gold and titanium, in addition to working with natural gemstones, freshwater pearls and cultured diamonds, without ruling out the use of new materials in the future.

These jewels have a high proportion of recycled materials in order to deliver added value: most of the gemstones and pearls come from offcuts discarded during production because of their size, slight defects or even breakage, all of which makes them even more characteristic and special.

The SUOT STUDIO pieces may be purchased online at (www.suotstudio.com). For now, the SUOT STUDIO collection will only be available online, although it is intended that it will be on sale at a few select stores, as well as on other online marketplaces, completely separate to TOUS’ usual sales channels.

Marta Tous, the creative director of SUOT STUDIO, said: “SUOT STUDIO is the purest expression of creative freedom in the world of jewelry. At TOUS, we understand creativity as one of the main core values that applies to the brand, the product, people and the business. In order to create this new product that promotes creativity and innovation, we thought it necessary to use a different platform, a blank canvas that would be built with its own codes and DNA that could also create synergies with TOUS”.

Rosa Tous, TOUS’ corporate Vice-President said: “SUOT STUDIO is a very special, multifaceted project that will deliver a huge amount of creativity to the jewelry sector. With this extremely promising project, we continue to promote young talent and an innovative culture in the sector, without forgetting sustainability and striving daily to contribute to preserving this trade imbued with tradition.