TOUS opens a flagship store in Artz Pedregal

TOUS opens a flagship store in Artz Pedregal

This new store is the biggest one in Latin America and is in line with the jewelry firm’s new concept.

The store covers 200 m2 and is located in a shopping mall in Artz Pedregal, which attests to the brand’s choice of prime locations.

A jewelry workshop has been set up in the store with a Mexican craftsman from the TOUS Jewelry & Artisans School program, on which Mexico has taken part since its creation.

TOUS, Spain's leading fine jewelry and accessory brand in the affordable luxury segment, has opened a new establishment in the framework of its business expansion and consolidation plan on a local and global scale. The store is in the Artz Pedregal shopping mall, to the south of Mexico City, and covering 200 m2 this makes it TOUS’ biggest outlet in Latin America.

The design of the establishment, which is the result of teamwork to bring the TOUS store concept up-to-date, includes innovative features that afford TOUS’ customers a place to meet and have experiences against the backdrop of jewelry. It is a totally open-plan store that is completely uncluttered to match the brand's style of jewelry that seeks to be accessible, so every endeavor was made for the interior to be interpreted as a display window that showcases popular products to which customers can relate.

The store has indulged in a workshop that will provide an excellent after-sales service to its customers and will have a Mexican craft jeweler from the TOUS Jewelry & Artisans School program. Mexico has been involved in this socio-educational project from the outset. The result of TOUS’ commitment to the jewelry trade, the School currently has students from two schools in Mexico who can be added to the almost two hundred jewelry students from different parts of the world who receive special training from TOUS’ experts in jewelry restoration.

“This opening marks 20 years of doing business in Mexico, during which time we have sought to gain a position as one of the preferred shopping destinations of the people of Mexico. In addition, with 123 stores across the country we have reaffirmed our desire to become a Mexican business at heart after all of these years,” highlighted Rosa Tous, TOUS’ vice-chairwoman.

Mexico is still the most important international market for the Spanish firm, which ended 2020 with operations in 30 states of the Mexican Republic, so it is the leader of TOUS’ main international markets. TOUS Artz has now become its 123rd store in Mexico.