TOUS launches Belinda Peregrín X TOUS

TOUS launches Belinda Peregrín X TOUS

TOUS designs a very special piece of jewelry with Belinda, ambassador for the brand.

Belinda Peregrín x TOUS manages to capture the essence of the Magic Nature collection with a very personal touch.

TOUS, Spain's leading fine jewelry and accessory brand in the affordable luxury segment, has come together for the first time with its local ambassador, Belinda Peregrín, to launch a piece of jewelry in the Magic Nature collection.

It is an earring with an asymmetric cut made of different materials in which the sterling silver and spinel crystals stand out. The design of this piece is inspired by the Magic Nature collection, which reflects the importance of being in tune with ourselves, connected to our inner being and, of course, with the environment.

“The design process of this earring with Marta Tous was a big challenge for me, a huge responsibility and a mountain to climb into which I put all my love and dedication. I am extremely excited because it’s a very personal piece that reflects my style and essence, what I am deep down: a bit of a rocker and a bit of a fashion freak” , said Belinda.

Belinda Peregrín x TOUS is a special edition in which stars are the main component, as they represent light in the darkness of the cosmos and have been designed so that all women can use them in their daily lives and shine on every occasion.