TOUS Celebrates 20 Years in Mexico with Visit by Rosa Tous

TOUS Celebrates 20 Years in Mexico with Visit by Rosa Tous

Company stepped up digital sales from 5% to 20% by 2020 close, with triple digit growth in Mexico.

Mexico still most important market after Spain, now with 123 stores.

TOUS thanks Mexican customers for 20 years of loyal preference and shores up commitment with promotion of Mexican culture.

TOUS, the Spanish jewelry and accessories brand and leader in the affordable luxury segment, posted end-customer sales worth $US369 Mn (€318 Mn) in 2020.

The company also fast-tracked a number of strategic decisions to pivot its business and focus on the areas and regions it had been planned to develop and that will allow TOUS to lay the groundwork for long-term growth.

TOUS shored up its commitment to digitalization and omnichannel retailing in 2020. E-commerce grew by more than 70%, from around 8% to almost 20% of turnover. Stock and logistics management was also fundamental and a key point in improving the customer journey.

Website functionality was worked on, online appointments introduced, and customer service was upgraded so that new ways of delivering on requirements remotely could be found. The speed of the delivery service was ramped up, a product reservation service with delivery within 2 hours was implemented, the 24-hour express delivery of online orders was developed, and order dispatch from stores was rolled out.

“2020 and 2021 have definitely been unusual years,” said Rosa Tous, TOUS Corporate Vice President, during her visit to Mexico, “but they helped us move out of our comfort zone and find ways to offer our customers in Mexico something new. That is why we continue working to be where we really want to be, preparing for a future and sustainable growth”.

Despite the complexity the pandemic brought with it, the jewelry firm upheld its social commitment through different initiatives. One of the most prominent referenced TOUS’s becoming a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the leading standard-setting organization in the jewelry and watch industry worldwide, after successfully passing its audit. In the work area, the company continued partnering with the TOUS Jewelry Trade and Artisans School (ETJOA) that began in 2018, and began to take it digital. Rosa Tous also became the Second Vice President of the Jewellers, Gold and Silversmiths, Watchmakers and Gemologists Association of Catalonia (JORGC).

Mexico engages in the TOUS Jewelry Trade and Artisans School with two schools that have trained over 70 people with the aim of adding to the preservation of an age-old trade, sharing its expertise in jewelry restoration, and promoting craftsmanship as a form of vocational training for young students.

Mexico remains the firm’s most important market after Spain and opened its 123rd store during the celebration of the firm’s centenary. TOUS thanked its Mexican customers for 20 years of loyal preference and reaffirmed its commitment by promoting Mexican culture through two collections. The first was the well-known “Cachito Mío” collection, inspired by Mexican traditions and which was a huge success, becoming the top seller on the Mexican market. The second, launched together with its local ambassador Belinda Peregrín, involved a partnership within the concept of the Magic Nature collection, a special edition mainly comprising stars representing light in the darkness of the cosmos and designed especially for women to wear in their daily lives and shine on each occasion.

TOUS’s sales expansion and consolidation plan at the local and global levels also involved opening a flagship store in the Artz Pedregal mall in the south of Mexico City which, covering 2100 sq feet (200 sq meters), is the largest TOUS store in Latin America.

“Of the brand’s 100-year history, we have spent 20 in Mexico, a wonderful place full of color, culture, and gastronomy. It is and always will be a priority for us as a brand to continue working to build the country, which is why we are reaffirming our commitment with our Mexico-inspired collections and partnering with Mexican talent,” said Rosa Tous.